Buying birdseed? You must be after a kitchen!

There are key times for any household when there is a significant increase in DIY spend. This can be caused by a house move, new baby or just the need for a fresh room. Often these projects are driven by a lifestage or specific need. Historical marketing activity had shown it was hard to influence big ticket (kitchens, bathrooms etc.) spend outside of these times. The key business opportunity was to identify when the customer was entering ‘project mode’ and to ensure that the majority of the spend was with Homebase. Several historical insight projects had attempted to tackle this problem but with no success.

A selection of tasks were carried out:

  1. Targeting:
    A range of different possible communications were discovered. Big projects, such as a recent kitchen purchase, triggered follow ups highlighting accessories such as tiling and flooring. More surprising triggers included customers purchasing light-bulbs or bird-seed demonstrated they were browsing kitchen and bathroom ranges.
  2. Processing:
    The key to create an efficient trigger program is to try and keep the complicated process (like data targeting) stable, whilst enabling marketing teams to evolve content. To keep it fresh, relevant to new products and adjust for seasonality (especially in garden).  So we created a layer in the middle that allowed the marketing teams to match new content to the stable data output dynamically (like a lookup table) – so flexible that it could even be adjusted within each weekly production cycle.

The Trigger programme was one of the most successful marketing initiatives, reaching 300k to 500k customers a week with hundreds of different variants of comms and achieving over £20m in incremental sales in the first 3 years.  This activity also business cased the subsequent launch of Coupon @ Till – an even faster way of getting offers into the hands of the customer.

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