Developing a customer segmentation

The Telegraph Media Group wanted to better understand and quantify their different audience segments from their most loyal customers and readers to prospects (least frequent consumers). They wanted to build a common language across the business for describing the audience, which in turn would help align efforts in reaching, communicating, engaging and selling products and services to them.

The segmentation was based on 3 key building blocks of data most of which was stored in the TMG data lake:

Engagement & Value

Our first priority was to support the definition and execution of the attitudinal survey. One of the common pitfalls in any segmentation project is how this data is collected so it is representative of the base (in this case the National Readership Survey) and can be linked to behavioural data.

We manipulated a lot of the behavioural data using Google Big Query and then built the segments using SAS.

We recognise that building segmentations is an art not a science. Therefore we worked iteratively with key stakeholders to ensure the final deliverable was fit for purpose and would support the business strategy.

The segmentation has been adopted by the board and is being used to drive strategy development.

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