Ian Bobbett

Ian is a kiwi (although he was actually born in Bedford!) and has degrees in Maths and Economics from the University of Otago.

Ian started his career in New Zealand undertaking analysis for a market research company. After moving to the UK in 1998, he decided to support his love of travelling by contracting . This included stints at the likes of: Iceland, Sainsburys, ClarityBlue, PostOffice, Debenhams and Aviva. 10 years (and several trips around Africa and India) later he was still contracting but wanted to make more of a difference – hence he co-founded Model Citizens.

Whilst technically very strong, Ian is extremely focussed on value add. He likes to ensure that insight is aligned to the business strategy and that business stakeholders know what they are getting. He is SAS trained but likes to embrace new technologies. He has seen the insight landscape change dramatically during his career with the focus now being more on the likes of big data, programmatic and new languages such as R and Python.

After satiating his desire for travel, Ian now prefers to focus on his beautiful family and trips to and from football and rugby. He still needs to persuade his boys to support the All Blacks rather than England though!