Stephen Welch

Stephen is a true ‘Maths Geek’ having gained a 1st class honours and PhD in Mathematics from Birmingham University. Whilst he can talk maths very well, he also talks business and offers that ability to translate business problems into value add insight projects.

He started his career in the public sector using his skills to build school funding models for the Department of Education. After receiving a really good grounding in how to properly manage insight projects, Stephen moved into the private sector. He spent several years building new insight functions in various sectors including retail, media and financial services before co-founding Model Citizens.

Stephen has a good cross-section of insight skills but is especially focussed on helping companies leverage their data. This could be by making better use of existing insight teams or by the setting up of new ones. He is extremely business focussed and probably too often asks the question ‘so what’ when numbers are presented.

Outside of Model Citizens, Stephen is a skilled go player and not so skilled golfer. If only he could find the formula for the perfect golf swing!