Struggling with silo'd data? RapidSight delivers within 24 hours with no internal IT footprint

The Challenge

The pressure to drive tangible, ongoing revenue benefits from data assets is increasing. However, many companies are struggling to realise the potential from their varied and complex data. We see it all the time – shortage of skilled staff, pressure on internal IT, silo’d data and increasing demand makes delivery of true value-add insight projects extremely challenging.

The biggest challenge is to get answers to your big and small data questions in a few short weeks. We provide extensive consultancy support and our expert data scientists will work on-site with your team to ensure the maximum possible value is delivered. You don’t need an existing data infrastructure, IT resource or a large insight team. We cover everything from data discovery to value delivery.

Immediate momentum

Our Proof of Concept accelerator programme helps solves real business challenges. It delivers material business benefit by providing an instant solution and support with a focus on driving value.

  • Realise value
    We provide an instant data science capability to help transform your business challenges into deployed solutions across all your business verticals.
  • Integrate seamlessly
    We have pre-built data models to automatically ingest data from Google, Adobe, SalesForce and more to accelerate value realisation.
  • Data security
    We understand the value of your data and the importance of keeping it safe. Our fully encrypted solution is ISO compliant and GDPR ready.
  • Drive your bottom line
    Try our Proof of Concept accelerator programme to see for yourself.

RapidSight can solve real problems

There are a broad range of solutions that we can help deliver, all dependent on your specific needs and tailored to your business requirements. Anything from Lifetime value modelling to customer segmentation. RapidSight helps unlock that value in a matter of weeks with instant end to end infrastructure, integration, data science and execution to quickly drive profit into your business.

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