Who we are

Model Citizens is a boutique analytical consultancy founded in 2007 by insight professionals. We specialise in helping organisations understand more about their customers and with the delivery of their CRM or Digital Strategy. The whole team have an extensive background in analytics and know their stuff. We pride ourselves in our breadth and depth of knowledge of technologies and methodologies.

Why we stand out

Subject matter experts

Subject matter experts

We don’t employ sales staff – everyone that you speak to at Model Citizens is an analytics expert.



We create and deliver innovative business solutions to support your customer journey that go beyond a purely analytical approach.



We have never not had a second project with a client, from smallest to largest.

Collaborative engagement

Collaborative engagement

We run a mixed insource/outsource model to ensure that we are with you when you need us.

Our expertise

At Model Citizens we deliver outstanding results for all our clients.  Our values and ethos have helped drive exceptional growth and are testament to our talented team and how we like to do business. As an organisation we are “tool agnostic” and have extensive experience in a wide variety of tools adopted by our clients.

Data Infrastructure
Campaign Management

Sometimes your business and insight needs might not be matched by the speed at which your internal functions can deliver.

All organisations face challenges when managing their data infrastructure. This infrastructure is critical to your business as it needs to protect, preserve, process, move and secure large quantities of data. Our expertise means we can advise and support the configuration of your data infrastructure including hardware, software, people and processes.

Sometimes your business and insight needs might not matched by the speed at which your internal functions can deliver. Here we have developed RapidSight – a capability that can rapidly ingest your data without the need for IT support and start to deliver insight within days.

Our broad expertise allows us to use the statistical analysis and data visualisation techniques that are right for your business needs.  Number crunching on it’s own won’t give you the answers you need.  Being able to interact with your customers in an engaging but profitable way depends on how your data is collected, then analysed and most importantly used to make key business recommendations then decisions.  We develop the measurement frameworks and KPI’s to fully monitor and track the effects across all channels.

It is important to visualise the information you need to fully understand your campaign performance.  Understanding the true value of your campaigns and be able to highlight strengths whilst also recognising weaknesses.  We will work with you to understand your objectives and how your campaign has performed against each of your Key Performance Indicator.  Knowledge gained from these reports allows you to make positive changes to your communication strategy.

Deepen the relationships with your customers while driving ROI.  We work with you and help develop multi-channel communication strategies ensuring the offer, timing and messages are tailored to your customers individual preferences.  This  insight, planning and management will help ensure the success of your campaigns.

Our experience

Supported over 400 campaigns
Exceeded £50m incremental revenue
Built more than 10 insight teams
Worked with over 60 brands
Analysed more than 20Tb of data
Built over 80 reports

Get in touch

Please give us a call and we will happily chat to you about your data and insight needs.

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